Mediterranean Musical Cradle - Two songs for children from Cyprus and Spain

Harback 720gr, 31,5 x 30,5 x 2 cm with soundboard (13 buttons, 2 x AAA batteries)

This Singing Book publication constitutes an innovation in music consumption, music learning and teaching. It is guided by child-centered music education philosophy and strategies, and its particular aim is to introduce the Cypriot lap song "I Poumbouria" and the Spanish (Basque) lullaby "Autxo Polita" in young children’s music learning and musical experiences with their families. The publication serves as a point of reference for two songs for children from the Mediterranean musical heritage. High quality real female singing and orchestrated performances have been specifically produced for the publication. The book implements artistic illustrations based on a music learning methodology and incorporates the most recent high quality technology for improved children’s music listening and holistic aesthetic experience.

Audio Sample "Aurtxo Polita"     

Audio Sample "I Poumbouria"

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Cypriot Traditional Songs for Children - through the science of music pedagogy

This classic multi-dimensional publication presents to society and formal music education, a part of Cypriot traditional songs for young children, implementing appropriate music teaching/learning methodologies with high quality children's singing. The publication might be used by school teachers in kindergarten, preprimary and primary school children and families. In the box there is a series of illustrated Songbooks, a compact disc with two recorded versions of eight songs in traditional and contemporary orchestration and a book with notations, explanations and music education strategies for each song.  

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  • Mediterranean Musical Cradle - "As a therapist, I have accompanied many people in the unexplored depths of their psyche, where the cellular memories narrate the private story of each person. There as a pulse of life in every cell, you meet a lullaby, s sound of a forgotten song, a melody… These musics connect us with the human heritage and nurture us with the existential juices of our collective subconscious. Therefore the present publication promotes and strengthens the connection of love and musicality of the parent with the child and among all people."
    Dr Vasilis Christodoulou Clinical Psychologist – Body psychotherapist
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